The Seradisc Filter...

a revolution in water filtration for your pump!

With its variable filter screen and vortex diffuser technologythe new Seradisc Filter massively outperforms the traditional ‘can’ filter, giving much improved screening with less blockages and easier cleaning. The filter is simple to install, will not rust or degrade and by the addition of extra discs, gives adjustable filtration from around particulate sizes of 5mm and above, down to 0.1mm and above.

You can now say 'goodbye' to can-type filters!

Benefits of the Seradisc Compare with Can

Watch our video and see how the Seradisc filter compares to 2 types of can filter.
Unbelievable results!



Protects against inlet vortexing - more

2  Simple to install

3  Large screen area design - more

4  Adjustable filtration grades - more


5  Flexibility, modular expansion - more

6  Easy to clean - saving time 

Stormsaver Seradisc application

7  Seradiscs Filters fit a wide range of water pumps - more

8  Use in multiple applications - more

Seradisc Filter is strong and durable

Tough and durable construction - more

See how the Seradisc Filter is working for these customers

 Charlie from Mineshop Holiday Cottages saves time and money on repairs and maintenance of his mono pump

Shoalstone Seawater Pool pump seawater for cleaning and avoid clogging up their pump with seaweed and sand by using floating Seradisc Filters

see how easy it is to assemble!

The Seradisc Filter Kit - £65 + VAT

The kit includes:

Filter Barrel, 16 x Filter Discs plus 2 x Disc Retainers 2 x 2" BSP Adaptors,
Flexible EPDM Coupling with stainless steel worm-drive clips, Instructions.

Optional Extras

Seradisc Spare suction Filter Box optional extras

Pack of 16 spare discs
Give yourself a greater range
of filtration grades

Seradisc suction Filter Cage optional extras

Screen Protector
Stainless Steel Screen
Protector and Float

optional extras Seradisc suction Filter Cage and Float

Filter, Guard & Float
Save on the cost of separate filter plus protector costs!