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NEW variable filter screen and vortex diffuser technology

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Variable grade screening
Seradisc with protector guard and float
Screen protector and float kit
The Seradisc filter includes 16 discs which screen particulates of approximately 4mm and above. Screening of smaller particulates is achieved by installing additional discs (packs of 16 available separately) onto the assembly. The maximum number of discs that should be installed is 42, providing screening of 0.1mm and above.
Seradisc - adding discs Seradisc with protector guard

Why use Seradisc?

The Seradisc Solution

The unique design of the discs enables a high flow area whilst maintaining exceptional structural strength. The integral leaf springs allow a constant load to facilitate optimal pressure between the discs, enabling them to remain parallel with varying separations which can be achieved with the addition of extra discs.
Vortex diffusion


unhappy pump with blocked can filter

Key features

Easily adaptable for shallow submersion
To enable the filter to operate in a relatively shallow water depth without the ingress of air, the discs have break-off tabs allowing a portion of the disc to be broken off to facilitate lower immersion. In this case, the minimum depth of water is 130mm.
Seradisc filter in low profile arrangement
Easy cleaning
Seradisc disc - break off tabs
Multi-purpose 2” BSP adaptor
The Seradisc filter is supplied with two 2” BSP adaptors which can either act as a cap or by knocking out the inner disc, as a straight connector.
The optional stainless steel screen protector cage can be easily fitted to the Seradisc filter, protecting it from obtrusive obstacles and impact damage. The cage  incorporates a hole for the attachment of the included float which when assembled, allows the filter to sit just below the water surface, avoiding undue agitation and ingestion of  lower-lying sediment and debris……….more details

Optional extras

cleaning the Seradisc filter
The Seradisc filter can be cleaned by simply running a finger along the discs. Heavier contamination may be removed by rinsing the Seradisc in a container of water, or by hosing down.
For increased capacity or larger diameter pipes,  Seradisc units may be connected in multiple configurations as illustrated in the examples below. Note the flexible coupling shown is included in each Seradisc kit. Please refer to the Performance page for details of flow rates using different configurations.
universal submersible pump adaptor
Universal submersible pump adaptor
The optional universal submersible pump adaptor has been designed to fit over the suction end of a large range of submersible pumps, retained by a stainless steel worm-drive clip. By attaching the two Seradisc filter screens (supplied with the adaptor) to the adaptor inlets, screening is vastly improved over the standard pump screen. This will not only prolong the longevity of your pump, but will also increase the cleaning intervals…….more details
submersible pump with adaptor and filters fitted
knockout centre of adaptor Seradiscs in parallel configuration Seradiscs in multi-dimensional configuration Seradiscs in inline configuration

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Apart from the ingress of debris, another common issue with the conventional can type screen - or not using any filter - is that of vortexing. Air is very detrimental to pump operation and is often induced unnoticed, causing low performance and operating efficiency as well as potential long-term damage to the pumping equipment. A vortex forms at the point of highest velocity, where the currents begin to rapidly rotate due to instability. This initiates in the first area of smallest cross section, which is usually the entry of the suction pipe. From here, the vortex funnel gradually widens up to the water surface.
Large screen area Variable grade screening Prevents inlet vortexing Easy cleaning Modular/expandable Reduces turbulence Easily adaptable for shallow submersion Linear configuration Simple to install Tough construction - will not rust or degrade even in acidic conditions
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can filter


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quick comparison between Seradisc and can filters

Seradisc filter screen green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick green tick
Conventional filter screens offer limited resistance to blocking due to their relatively small screen area. Because they are considered problematic, many pumps are therefore operated without the inclusion of any inlet filter screen. This ultimately leads to the premature failure of the pump or downstream system due to the ingress of undesirable debris.
pump set with vortexing
The parallel structure of the discs in the Seradisc screen interfere with the circular formation of a vortex forming. Because the outer surface area of the Seradisc screen is extremely large, the velocity of water flow at any given point is relatively low. This dramatically reduces the likelihood of a vortex from forming from any point on the outer surfaces.
vortex unlikely to form in an elliptical flow
Seradisc filter screen
Manifolds for high-volume pumping
Various designs of manifolded systems can be supplied tailored to specific high-volume pumping applications. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to supply a quotation.
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