A Seradisc Filter is much more efficient than the old 'can' filter...

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So, by using the revolutionary Seradisc Filter instead, you get these benefits:

reduced vortexing and cavitation

benefits - reduced vortexing and cavitation with the Seradisc

Air and cavitation are the two things that dramatically affect pump performance and longevity. Air induced into a pump will interfere with the hydraulic action and significantly decrease its efficiency. This will require it to operate for longer periods at an increased temperature, thereby consuming more power and decreasing the life of the pump. The Seradisc Filter has a larger surface area with a low velocity diffused flow which gives the benefits of prevention of vortexing and subsequent cavitation.

variable grade screening

Seradiscs are designed and manufactured with integral ‘springs’ which separate the discs and allow for the discs to be compressed for variable grade screening. The standard 16 disc filter will screen particulates of up to 5mm and above. Here's the benefit of fitting a Seradisc Filter - by adding more discs you can vary the screen grade. For example if you add more discs to make a maximum of 42 discs, the filter will screen particulates of 0.1mm and above. And you can grade the screen to any size in between.

strong and durable construction

Seradisc Filter is strong and durable

The Seradisc Filter is manufactured to a high standard using modern compounds, giving benefits of a light and flexible build combined with strength and durability to keep it operational for many years to come. And it will not rust or degrade!

easy fitment

benefits coupling methods

For the threaded pipe and pipe connector methods, you will need to remove the partition in the connection adaptor by knocking it out! Ensure the other adaptor at the rear of the filter retains its partition.

Either use the EPDM coupling (supplied with the kit) secured in place with the worm-drive clips, screw 2" BSP threaded pipe into the filter adaptor or use a standard 2" BSP pipe fitting.

easy cleaning

The Seradisc Filter is incredibly easy to clean. Just fan the discs and most of the debris will just drop out. Watch how easy it is for one of our customers - he just plunges it into a bucket of water a few times and job done!  Since using Seradisc Filters,
Charlie has not had one pump breakdown!

fitment for most pumps

benefits - Seradisc Filter Stormsaver Image

The Seradisc Filter will fit most makes and sizes of water pumps by using 2” BSP adaptors.  Shown above is a detail from a Stormsaver™ Pump System - see the case study here

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