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NEW variable filter screen and vortex diffuser technology

Water Powered Technologies Ltd, 14A Kingshill Industrial Estate, Bude, Cornwall EX23 8QN United Kingdom tel +44 (0)1288 354454 Company No. 07450495 registered in England & Wales

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May 2013 - launch of the Seradisc

The Seradisc patent pending filter screen launches to help many pump owners benefit from improved filtration, reducing pump repair costs and increasing service intervals due to inlet blockages. Now, from small pond owners looking to aerate and clean water to farmers abstracting water for irrigation and also water utilities can reduce pump replacement and maintenance costs by installing the Seradisc filter screen. Each Seradisc comes in a compact box and is easily assembled to protect your pump in many different applications.

August 2014 - 200th Seradisc customer:

Ian Stevens, Boscastle, Cornwall becomes the 200th customer of the unique Seradisc filter screen. Mr Stevens is using 2 Seradisc filters in series configuration with a water powered pumping system using a PAPA pump. With the standard 16 discs per filter, debris up to 4mm can pass through the filters - the PAPA pump system is more debris tolerant than his previous electric pump which was housed at the same site. Should Mr Stevens need finer filtration at any time, spare packs of discs can be purchased which can be easily added to each filter so that no particulates above 0.3mm can pass through.

October 2015 - dedicated Seradisc website launched:

We are delighted to present the dedicated website for the Seradisc Filter which comes with an easy to navigate e-commerce section. Since the launch of this innovative filter screen two years ago, several new ancillaries are under development thanks to customer demand. The first is an optional stainless steel screen protector cage can be easily fitted to the Seradisc filter, protecting it from obtrusive obstacles and impact damage. The cage  incorporates a hole for the attachment of the included float which when assembled, allows the filter to sit just below the water surface, avoiding undue agitation and ingestion of  lower-lying sediment and debris. Available soon will be an adaptor for a large range of submersible pumps which allow the use of Seradisc filter screens, giving a huge improvement over the built-in filter screen. Watch this space for news of further new ancillaries.

patent pending

Seradisc filter carton Seradisc filters in inline configuration Seradisc 16-disc spare filter disc box Seradisc fitted with protector guard and float Seradisc fitted with protector guard
Seradisc fitted with protector guard