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NEW variable filter screen and vortex diffuser technology

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connection using the included flexible adaptor
connection using 2” BSP female coupling
connection using 2” BSP male coupling
The Seradisc filter is supplied with 2 x 2” BSP adaptors and a flexible coupling. Shown below are various ways of attaching the Seradisc filter to your suction pipe. Depending on the size of your suction pipe and flow rate of your pump, you may need extra filters configured in parallel with a manifold. Refer to the modular/expandable section on the Advantages page in conjunction with the graphs on the Performance page. Each standard (16 disc) Seradisc has a flow rate of 333 litres/min. So for example, if you require a flow rate of 1000 litres/min, you will require 3 filters in parallel configuration. (Note that connecting 3 filters in series will still only allow a flow rate of 333 litres/min). We will be pleased to give you advice if you are not sure how to configure your filters.